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Rotation Model - Grades 1-6

Students in these grades focus on learning one story for three to five weeks and interact with it in a different way each week through a variety of “Workshops” or classes. This is called the Workshop Rotation Model of Sunday School. Workshops vary with each story (rotation) and may include: a movie and discussion, art, drama, cooking, computers, games, worship, or projects.

Teachers repeat the same lesson each week of a rotation to a new group of students. They sign up for workshops that match their own skills or interests. Shepherds stay with their assigned grade level class from week to week to provide continuity and support for learning.

We utilize a four year cycle of rotations developed to prepare students for entry into seventh grade Confirmation. Bible skills along with Spiritual practices are woven into each rotation.

A short video Bible study, a rotation schedule, and class materials are posted on our website: These Bible studies are highly recommended as a great way to become familiar with what we are studying.

We finish off each Sunday School year with a exciting game of Jeopardy.  And, quite excitling, its NOT the older kids who win every time!